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ASCTN-Training is addressing existing gaps within Human Stem Cell-based Neuronal disorders (NDs) Modelling (NDM) for research to develop new medicines for the treatment of neurological disorders such as  Parkinson's (PD), Huntington's (HD)  and Demyelination's diseases. These highly-prevalent conditions occur as a result of acute or progressive loss of cells, glial or neuronal, and structures and function in the brain and are associated with short- and long-term impairments and disabilities with high emotional, financial and social burden to the patients, their families and their friends.

In order to accomplish this ambitious task, ASCTN-Training ETN program will offer training in transferrable skills and inter-disciplinary research training in molecular and cellular neuroscience, biotechnology and in vivo research at the highest international level and quality, delivering 14 highly skilled and motivated young researchers, that will be attractive and immediately employable in both the biomedical academic and/or industrial sector due to their highly sought-after cross-/interdisciplinary insights and expertise.


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